The New Chucky Is Just A Baby Terminator: Movie Review

So, I was not always big into horror movies, shows, or books. I had a bad experience that I may talk about in a YouTube video soon because it’s kind of embarrassing. And why not be embarrassing on YouTube right? I was probably about twenty-two when I started to really watch horror on the bigContinue reading “The New Chucky Is Just A Baby Terminator: Movie Review”

The Yellow Wallpaper: A Short-story About Mental Health

~ The Yellow Wallpaper was a short-story that I read in high school and again in college for English. There aren’t many things I remember from school to be honest, but I remember my favorite reads, and this is one that’s at the top of that list. I’ve read it a couple of time evenContinue reading “The Yellow Wallpaper: A Short-story About Mental Health”

Reasons I Enjoy Some of My Favorite Shows and Books

~ I’m going to talk about two shows and two book series that I’ve really enjoyed. I would have normally added Harry Potter and Brooklyn 99 to this list, but I will be keeping it out due to recent events and my own changed mindset. ~ Before I get started, I’m going to start myContinue reading “Reasons I Enjoy Some of My Favorite Shows and Books”

Chloe Brown’s List To Getting A Life

“Chloe’s husky timbre and the memories it triggered were the only warnings he received before rounding a corner and coming face-to-face with the woman herself. Or rather, face-to-throat. As in, she was right fucking there, and they collided, and, somehow, her face slammed into his throat. Which hurt. A lot.” ~ I first saw thisContinue reading “Chloe Brown’s List To Getting A Life”

A Thousand Perfect Notes That Will Break Your Heart

“…the stagnant silence while he gropes for music, the failure, strangling him.” ~ This book by C. G. Drews was the first book of two so far written by the Australian author, and it is heartbreakingly amazing. The book follows a young fifteen year old pianist named Beethoven ‘Beck’ Keverich, who struggles with a hate/loveContinue reading “A Thousand Perfect Notes That Will Break Your Heart”

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