Anne With An E: An Appreciation Post

I remember watching the 1985 movie version of Anne of Green Gables quite often when I was younger. I loved the feisty red head who stood up for what she believed was right, even when it got her into trouble. My love for red haired characters in my own WIP’s most likely came from watching that movie.

Unfortunately, it’s been so long since I’ve seen it, I don’t recall most of the details and I never ended up reading the series (though I have it now, so hopefully I’ll get to it within the next year). So in 2016/17 when I heard that Netflix was coming out with their own version of the story I had loved so much, I couldn’t wait to watch it.

And it didn’t disappoint.

Though the show ended up only being three seasons, twenty-seven episodes all together, I loved every moment of it the three years that I was able to sit down, be excited, and watch it for the very first time. This last week, through a series of events, I ended up rewatching the whole show in a couple of days. And I cried throughout the majority of it.

There are so many conflicts that Anne goes through that I relate to in some way or another, so many that make me feel for the majority of the characters when they face hardship, that I can’t help but cry and feel for these characters. Almost all of them brings some sort of light to the show, and those that don’t are more often than not shown how they’re in the wrong.

Not only does Anne, an orphan girl who despises her looks and believes no one will every truly love her, go through hardships that she overcomes, many of the other characters do as well. This show represents fairly historical accuracy towards BIPOC and LGBTQ+, the struggles that they went through then and unfortunately still go through to this day. It shows how women were treated, and how men could get away with basically everything and not be scandalized by it, unlike women.

It has families going through financial and emotional hardship, and growing closer together and pulling through because of their love for one another. How the death of a loved one can change your entire world, and how your family can extent to those who aren’t related to you by blood, but by bond.

I think my very favorite part of this show though, other than the romance between Anne and Gilbert (I am a helpless romantic at heart), is how caring about others will always give you more in life than being closed off and shut away from the world. Anne’s love for her family and friends shines through the entire three seasons, and no matter how many mistakes she makes, they continue to love and care for her in return.

Just like Anne, I believed for the longest time that I couldn’t be truly loved no matter what good I did, that my mistakes would be the only thing people saw. This story shows that those who love you will stand by your side in those times of need and adversity, weather that storm with you, hand in hand, until the storm passes. That’s the true heart of this show.

I encourage those of you who have the time, or just really want to see a fiery young girl fight for herself, family, and friends, to go check out Anne with an E. I highly doubt you’ll be disappointed.


I’m going to try and get my hands on the 1985 movie soon and watch that again after all these years, see what I think of it now. I may even do a blog post on it, compare and contrast that particular movie with the show. I also just this last week acquired the book series from my grandma, so I hope to read through it sometime this next year, so that’ll probably also end up being a post on here at some point.

I hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading. If you’d like to, you can follow me on any and/or all of my socials, links are at the top! I also have a Patreon, which is linked next to my socials. Have a great day!

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