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Today I’m going to talk a little bit about one of my many, many Pinterest boards. I’ve had an account for almost ten years now, starting it up sometime in my college years and growing it consistently every day. I use it for a ton of different ideas, from writing WIP’s, to cooking, to artwork that I think is absolutely amazing.

So I thought, “why not talk about one of those boards a bit?”. I decided on my Works The Inspire Me board, which is just a bunch of quotes and writing bits from other people that I just find interesting and inspiring. I went through some of it a bit (that board has 4.4K pins, so it didn’t take me long) and I picked five that grabbed my attention.


I really enjoy this one because I grew up staying pretty quiet (unless I knew you really well and was comfortable opening up) and feeling like I was always in the way or a burden of sorts. The last three years or so I’ve been working on trying to deal with a ton of my past trauma and telling myself that I’m not just a waste of space. Even if we, as humans, don’t have a big impact in the grand scheme of things, that doesn’t mean we’re not important. Life is important. Your life is important. My life is important.

Unfortunately there are many out there who don’t feel this way, those who go against the BLM movement, against LGBTQIA, those who try and give women less rights over their bodies, all because of their religion and/or hatred. Those who don’t believe everyone should have equal rights, they will continue to try and put the rest of us down until we give in, but do not let them. Be unapologetic and unforgiving. Stand strong, and know that if you have no one else by your side, that I love you and will stand with you.


This one made me smile, because it’s so true. You can be gentle and kind, but that doesn’t make you weak. Weaknesses aren’t even always weaknesses, they’re just portrayed that way because of how society wants us to think. A stereotypical example of that is a smart person vs a physically strong person. Society would tell you the smart person is the weaker of the two just because they may not have much physical strength, but that’s just not true. Their strengths are in their intelligence, just as a physically strong persons strength is their body.

I’m told quite often that I’m a nice person, but I’ve grown in my strengths throughout the years. Yes, I am nice and can be too trusting at times, I try to be kind to others because I know how awful it feels when those around you aren’t caring the way they should. That doesn’t make me weak. I stand up against those who try and hurt me or those I care about. I fight against oppression, against fascists, and will continue to fight for those who want my help. I am both honey and wildfire.


This one speaks to me because I definitely have anger issues… For years, the majority of my emotions were: a blank nothingness, some sort of happiness while around friends, and anger. Like I stated previously, I’ve been working through some past trauma, even dealing with some things that I didn’t think were related to my trauma, and I’ve come to realize that most of my anger was and is from fear, regret, and grief.

Anger is a second emotion, one that comes from another emotion that we bury in order to not have to deal with it. I’ve known that for a long while now, but I didn’t want to figure out where my anger came from because for a long time I wasn’t able to handle those emotions. Now that I’m older, more stable with most of my life, and on better terms with my family, it’s been easier for me to reflect, acknowledge, and slowly come to terms with what I went through growing up. It’s not something I focus on all the time, I try to just be happy because I’m definitely in a better place with my life, but I know it’s still good for me to do at my own pace. And honestly, I’ve felt better the last few years than I have the majority of my life.


This one hits hard. There’s so many things I regret doing when I became an adult, but this quote makes me realize it isn’t necessarily the regret of my mistakes, but the paths I wasn’t able to take or just didn’t take. College was one of those such decisions. I made a rash decision when it came to going to college that now has me in more debt than I can pay (like so many of us because the US is awful). Another such decision was spending two years of my life hung up on a guy that I was sure would one day realize he felt the same way about me. He’s married now and I’m in a great relationship with someone I love deeply. That one did work out for me eventually, but six years ago, it was hard for me to move on and realize that path would never be one I could be on.

There are so many choices we can take, so many journeys we can go on, and some we will regret because we’ll miss out on the future that could have been. And to me, it’s okay to be sad about the “what could’ve been” as long as we can also look around and see the good in what is around us right now.


This one honestly just made me think of everything going on right now with Trump and the Republican administration. They have done so much damage, but they’ve also made some things come to light, like the fact that this country is just so fucked up. The fascists have come out of the woodwork, the police are a bunch of chuds, and the centralist Dems just want to try and keep the peace instead of doing their job. So now it’s up to us, the people, to go against those who are trying to keep us down.

We can not bow down to the Orange “King”. We have to make sure that everyone has basic human rights and is truly treated equally. We have to force this world to take care of the Earth and the inhabitants here. It is up to us, because it is clear those in power only care about themselves.


Hey everyone, hope you liked this post! It was a lot of fun diving into what I thought about each of these. I know it got political a few times, but honestly, human rights shouldn’t even be a political issue, it should just be given.

Thank you for reading, hope y’all have a great day!

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