Midnight Sun: Edward’s POV

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So, I recently read Midnight Sun, the Edward POV of Twilight. And honestly, I didn’t hate it as much as I anticipated, especially after reading reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Now, it wasn’t the best book I’ve ever read, but it made me remember how different the book actually is from the movies, which I have watched multiple times throughout the years compared to reading the books once in high school.

When the first five chapters were leaked way back when, I don’t believe I ever read them, hoping at the time that Stephenie Meyers would just end up publishing it anyway, even after she had said she wouldn’t. It only took fifteen years for what I had wanted to come to fruition. I was hesitant and unsure if I wanted to read through the book now however, having come to the mindset that I would no longer even like the Twilight books if I were to reread them. I’d jumped on the Hating Twilight Train for so long, I doubted I’d enjoy Midnight Sun whatsoever.

Thankfully, in a way, a friend of mine on Twitter was curious enough to want to read it, so I told her I’d buddy read it with her. I know it made me feel better knowing another adult was also reading it, though I’m sure the majority of the consumers for this book were adults around our age. She finished it way before I did, and she was nice enough to not spoil nor get upset when it took me so long to finish after her.

So here’s what I enjoyed and what I didn’t enjoy about this Edward POV Twilight book.


What I Enjoyed

Seeing the events from Edwards POV was something I didn’t believe I’d enjoy, but honestly, I think I liked it more than from Bella’s POV. Yes, Edward can be obnoxious at times when he continuously thinks he knows better than Bella (which, yeah, in a way he kind of does being that he knows he can kill her so easily), but at the same time being able to view all the characters and even hear their thoughts was a way better experience to me.

Speaking of “hearing” other characters thoughts, I especially enjoyed seeing glimpses of the Cullen family through Edwards eyes, thoughts, and their own minds. I had always liked the majority of the Cullen’s, but seeing/hearing them from Edward’s POV gave me so much more. It made me realize how much they truly did care for Bella, and not just for Edward’s sake (other than Rosalie). They accepted her fully, even before knowing her, and when they did finally meet her, their love for her was so strong and caring. It just showed how, even though they “monsters”, they really do care for others even outside their family (again, other than Rosalie).

I also really just liked getting to know Alice, Jasper, and Emmett more, and it was awesome to see the way Alice and Edward interacted with their gifts. Plus Jasper is such a fucking sweetheart, more so than I thought before, and I am here for it!


What I Didn’t Enjoy

Edward is way more whiny in his head than what I was ready for. I get that he doesn’t want to kill Bella (after he decides he loves her) and thinks him being around her isn’t for the best. No shit, he’s a vampire. But! Instead of trying to understand and accept her decision to be with him because she loves him back, he’s just like “Nah, you don’t know what you want because you don’t truly understand the decision you’re making”. Just have a conversation with her about it bro. Communicate! Also, after what she sees with James, and she still loves him and wants to be with him, shows how much she actually does love and care for him, not what he is.

Being in Edwards mind was also sometimes just… tangent city. Something would remind him of something else and so on and so forth. Usually it was to explain reasons as to why he was the way he was, or decisions he’d made in the past to make him think a certain way, but it got out of hand sometimes. It became more telling than showing in my opinion.

Also, the pomegranate metaphor. I get it. You’re Hades and she’s Persephone. I don’t need to read about it a thousand times just because you think you’re leading her into the Underworld to be damned forever. Plus, Hades is one of the best Greek gods! Don’t dis him so much!


Overall, I gave this book a 3 out of 5 stars. I would say, if you enjoyed Twilight, give this book a read! It’s about twice as long, but I think it’s worth it just to see more from the other characters.

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Thank you for reading! Have a great day!

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