Halloween Town

Growing up, my mom’s favorite holiday was Halloween. Though I wasn’t into horror until I was an adult, I grew to love Halloween the same as she does and it is now my favorite holiday as well. I also just super enjoy fall time with all the colorful leaves, the cooler weather, and the grey rain clouds. Snuggling up in a loose sweater with a cup of tea and a good book, possibly with some lit candles, is just one of the best feelings in the world to me.

Halloween Town was featured on Disney Channel when I was six, and it quickly became a favorite of mine. A town completely dedicated to the creatures and monsters of Halloween was just the best idea, especially when those creatures and monsters were, for the most part, actually pretty kind and just overall awesome.

Generally around this time of year, I’m done with summer. The heat can just fuck off in my opinion, and I start to long for the cooler weather that fall brings. So, to start getting myself in the fall and Halloween mood, I decided to watch the first three Halloween Town’s the other night. I didn’t watch the fourth one because I remember not being happy that they changed the lead actress and that alone made me dislike the movie quite a bit.

I’ll only be talking about the first one in this post, but I do plan on reviewing the second and third in future posts, so make sure to keep an eye out!


In the first movie, we’re introduced to the Cromwell family, consisting of thirteen year old Marnie, her two younger siblings Dylan and Sophie, their mother Gwen, and their grandma Aggie. Aggie herself is a resident of Halloween Town, a very powerful witch in fact who wishes to train Marnie before it’s too late. The mother, Gwen, wants nothing to do with her past and only wants her children to grow up normal, not seeming to care what her children themselves want.

Of course, all three kids end up going to Halloween Town, sneaking aboard a flying bus that comes once a year to the mortal world on Halloween. They run into the Mayor of the town, Kalabar, who helps them get to their grandmother’s house. Aggie’s in the process of trying to fight an evil that’s been spreading around the town, turning others into cruel beings before completely disappearing. Marnie convinces her to let them help her, but when they go back into town to get the ingredients they need for the spell to light up Merlin’s talisman, they run into their mom.

Gwen’s obviously not happy that her children have gone to the one place she’s been keeping them away from, but gets distracted when she runs into an old flame: Mayor Kalabar. Aggie’s gone off at this point, frustrated with her daughter, when she runs into the town hooligan, Luke. He talks to her about the evil guy causing all the awful things going on around town, and Sophie sees her grandma with Luke going into a closed down movie theater, so they go after her, and it’s their first encounter with the evil bad guy.

Sadly, Aggie and Gwen both get petrified by the evil guy, and the kids have to run off before getting hit by the same magic. Marnie decides that, now more than ever, they have to do something in order to stop this guy and to save their family. They go around town, gathering up the necessary ingredients for the spell to light up the talisman and the town-square pumpkin, a symbol that keeps the town whole and has become dark with the terror growing in the town.

When they finally get the talisman lit, they try and fail to save the people and their mom and grandma in the movie theater first, before making an attempt on relighting the pumpkin in the square. The evil guy goes after them before revealing himself to them and the town to be Kalabar. Marnie successfully relights the pumpkin, awakening those that have been petrified, including Aggie and Gwen who immediately go to help the kids. But that doesn’t stop Kalabar from using his magic to steal the talisman afterward, threatening all of Halloween Town with it.

Thinking he’s won, he does an evil guy speech, only to have the whole Cromwell family use their magic to make the talisman light up so bright, his darkness is overthrown by their magic and destroyed. The talisman goes back to Aggie and the town is saved! Yay!

In the end, Gwen agrees for Marnie to begin learning magic and Aggie leaves her home to train her in the mortal world. It’s a great ending to a pretty awesome Halloween movie.


I hope you enjoyed this review post about one of the best Disney Channel movies of all time! If you’d like to be notified when I make another post, you can subscribe down below. If you’d like to follow me on any social media platforms or become a Patron, all those links are at the top of the page.

Thanks for reading, I hope you have a great day!

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2 thoughts on “Halloween Town

  1. Just gotta say that even though I don’t think I’ve ever even watched the entirety of Halloween Town, it gives me so much nostalgia just by existing.

    My family has never been big on Halloween so even watching the movies wasn’t really a thing. If it happened to be on, we might watch it for a little while.

    This post has me thinking I should take some time to watching it this year. Great job!


    1. 😭💜💜 thank you for the compliment!!
      It definitely has a special place in my heart, the movie and holiday. Let me know if you do end up watching it and what you think of it, I’d love to know!


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