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I’ve spent too much time at home recently due to some health issues (also why I haven’t posted a blog in a while, sorry!) and so I’ve had time to watch some Disney Channel movies that I haven’t watched since middle and high school. Maybe even earlier than that.

There’s still many movies not included on Disney+ yet, two that I’ve wanted to watch being Tower of Terror and Underwraps, but there’s still so many movies on there that I use to enjoy a ton. So I gave them a rewatch after about 15 years.


Eddie’s Million Dollar Cookoff

I remember watching this movies and being like “Man, I can’t wait until I grow up and can cook stuff” because my grandma was the cook of the family and I hardly used the kitchen growing up. Welp, I’m 28 now and I still don’t really cook that often. Watching this movie again made me realize how much I really do want to be a grow ass woman who cooks and bakes more often, while also looking at my bank account and not being able to do all the things I want.

In this movie, Eddie, our MC, is a high school baseball star for a team of not so great baseball players called the Groundhogs. His dad’s the coach, his three best friends are on the team with him, and they of course have a rival team to try and beat. Only problem is, Eddie has suddenly found his love of cooking and no one else is very happy about it. Except his Home Ec. teacher, who is one of the best characters honestly.

Life soon becomes chaotic for Eddie as he decides to enter a cooking contest, an event that lands on the same day as the baseball teams rivalry game with the Eagles. One of his friends and his father starts to put a ton a pressure on Eddie to choose baseball, while the students throughout his school start to tease him for his enjoyment of cooking. Because, you know, cooking it just for girl. *hard eye-roll*

The day of the cook off comes, and Eddie chooses other people’s happiness over his happiness and goes to the baseball game. He doesn’t want to let his friends or his dad down, he has responsibilities, so on and so forth of people pleasing.

This is probably why I related to this movie, not the cooking part, but the people pleasing part. Now that I don’t act that was as much anymore, it was very frustrating watching this young boy choose what his friends and dad wanted him to do, rather than what he wanted. Thankfully, the one friend that’s been giving him the worst time about his love of cooking figures out that he’s been an ass this whole time and encourages Eddie to go to the cook off. In the middle of the rivalry game. Great timing, because now the pressures are high for Eddie as he only has an hour left to cook something for the competition.

His dad starts to realize that he’s also been selfish, and he goes last minute to help his son try and win. It’s a redemption moment, since these characters that have been pretty selfish towards Eddie the majority of the movie. They finally show that their love for Eddie is more important then their selfish wants from Eddie.

Unfortunately, Eddie doesn’t win the cook off, but the ending is still pretty wholesome. Overall, though there was definitely a ton of cringe, I think this movie is still fairly okay and has a good message to send people: Do what you love, even when other people don’t understand it.


The Thirteenth Year

I freaking loved this movie when I was younger. I love swimming, love the water, and I will take three thousand pictures of the ocean when I go to the beach. So a movie about a young thirteen year old boy actually being a merman was just so good. And made me hope for a while that I, too, was secretly a mermaid.

The MC, Cody, is a swimmer, second best on his swim team, and his parents own a tour guiding boat in their town. So he’s always around some form of water. The movie shows you just how well he swims towards the beginning of the movie, even saving the school nerd from drowning at one point, before Cody’s thirteenth birthday. He’s a normal, water lovin’ boy.

And then his birthday happens, and everything starts to change. Scales start showing up on his hands whenever he touches water, his intake of drinking water is seriously ridiculous, and he’s constantly drawn to or dreaming about the ocean just outside his window. The nerd he saved earlier in the movie, Jess, starts befriending Cody and helping him figure out what’s happening to him because of course he’s a science nerd that’s super fascinated with the seas.

Jess starts to put the pieces together, with the help of his mermaid obsessed father, that Cody is turning into a merman. Soon after explaining the possibilities to Cody, Cody goes for a swim one night and happens to run into his birth mom, who is very much so a mermaid. After that, Cody’s changes start to progress rapidly.

He tells his adoptive parents about what’s going on and then ends up doing a swim meet after being told not to, because why not? Doing so almost gets him exposed by the token asshole friend and does get him exposed by Jess’s father. The changes start to hurt Cody physically, because he needs the water to actually live at this point, just as Jess’s dad decides to use Cody to capture the mermaid he’s been after for years. Doing this ends up with Jess drowning by saving the mermaid, but Cody’s able to save his friend before it’s too late and Jess’s father realizes he should’ve been loving his son all these years instead of being mermaid obsessed.

Then Cody’s mermaid mom comes and he leaves with her. It’s a sad goodbye with his adoptive parents, but its stated that he’ll be coming back for school in the fall. Because that’s what I’d want to do after finding out I’m a mermaid, go back to school…

Overall, this movie wasn’t as good as I remembered it, but it still makes me wish I’d actually been a mermaid. Though I do now have more fear towards the ocean since so much of it is still unknown to us.


Read It and Weep

I remember wanting to be a published author in high school so badly because of this movie! It’s of course so much easier in a fictional Disney movie to do so than in really life, but still! That would have been amazing and also so very awful because my writing back then was atrocious.

Jamie is a young freshman in high school that writes about her life in a journal, but with a fictional touch. All the people around her are some sort of fictional being, such as a witch or wizard, and she is the all powerful IS. IS can zap anyone into detention and is loved by all, something Jamie wishes her real life was like.

When she accidentally sends her journal off for the school paper instead of an essay she meant to send, everyone becomes obsessed with her work. It quickly becomes an actual, sold to people book, making her life go from uneventful to crazy almost overnight. Her once invisible self is now seen by all, and even the popular girl wants to be her friend.

Her life becomes filled with parties and interviews, and she starts to change into a completely different person, one that her friends don’t want to be around anymore. The guy friend of the group, who of course has always liked Jamie, is the only one who tries to still stand by her side, but she’s so oblivious to him compared to the hunk Marco, that he even gives up on her.

The craziest part of this movie is how Jamie sees IS as a real person, and it continues to get worse over the course of the film. IS wants Jamie to be popular and famous, even though its corrupting her, and as we reach the climax of the movie, IS pops up more and more. Jamie starts talking to IS in front of other people, looking completely crazy, but as soon as Jamie decides she doesn’t like the person she’s become, nothing comes of these crazy delusions. She’s just forgive by her friends and everyone else moves on.

Oh, also she gets the guy friend in the end too. Sigh.

This movie did not hold up to how I remembered it. Jamie was whiny and selfish throughout the majority of the movie and IS was just a manipulative jerk. I would have much rather seen more of her activist friends. And the guy friend could have done way better with someone else in my opinion.


Anyway, that’s some Disney Channel movies I’ve watched recently! There’s plenty more I’ve been considering watching, so let me know if you’d like a sequel to this post! Also, if you liked to follow my blog, you can subscribe down below. My social links, as well as my Patreon, are at the top of the page. I’m on Twitter a ton, so you can connect with me there if you’d like!

Thank you for reading! Have a great day!

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