Umbrella Academy: Season Two


I will try to keep the spoilers to a minimum, but this is a warning: If you don’t want to know what’s going to happen whatsoever in season two, please don’t continue reading.


Boy oh boy was I thrilled when Netflix announced the second season of Umbrella Academy. I thoroughly enjoyed the first season, loving each and every one of those disaster kids (mostly) by the time the moon was exploding and ramming itself into the earth’s surface. I was excited to see where the writers would take the characters, what their developments or lack there of would be like, and just all the shenanigans in between!

Season two started off with a bit of a bang, catching the audience up with where the seven had ended up, and when they ended up. At the end of season one, Five had launched him and his siblings through time, but once again, something went just slightly wrong. Everyone ends up in the same alley way, in Dallas Texas, scattered across the earlier 1960’s.

The first ones to show up are Klaus and Ben, right in the early months of 1960. Allison follows in 1961 and the show immediately brings in the racial diversity during that time when white people still kept POC out of their businesses, which was only 60 years ago people! Luther comes next in 1962, in the pouring rain, and gets help screaming Allison’s name from a homeless man. Diego shows up in 1963 and decides pretty quickly that his goal is to now save JFK. Vanya shows up about a month later, completely disoriented and gets hit by a car. And last, but not least, Five, who shows up in late November, 1963 to WW3.

It’s a crazy intro, one that Netflix showed some of days before the release of the season to pump up the fans and get us prepared for immediate crazy, hectic times. I cannot stress enough how much I loved the intro and honestly just the whole damn season. Stakes were high, some questions were answered, while even more questions were added to the list. This show is just seriously some of the best content that will probably ever be made.

I want to talk a bit about the characters themselves throughout the rest of this post though, and not so much the story-line. I’m a sucker for some great character development, as I’m sure I’ve stated quite a bit before, and this season gave me that while also making me want to slap them all for being so ridiculously stupid at times.

I’ll start with Diego, because though he’s one of my favorites, he was kind of a lot to handle sometimes throughout this season. Like I said, pretty much the moment he arrives in the ’60’s, he decides that he’s going to save JFK from being assassinated. Completely understandable given how devastating that part of history is. The problem though is, part of the reason he’s doing it is because of his Hero Complex (something brought up to him consistently). He’s trying to prove to his father (though Reginald, as their father, is still dead) that he’s someone to be proud of. The only issue is, his drive to do so clouds his judgement towards many other facts, like the WW3 situation that’s going to be happening. He wants to achieve this goal to the point of recklessness and carelessness towards others.

Luther is one that changed more than I expected, in some ways. Compared to Diego’s need to save JFK to prove to himself and to his father that he’s capable, Luther’s just… stopped giving a fuck about their dad. Not surprising given the information he’d found out about his father in season one, but it’s to the point where he doesn’t even care about another apocalypses happening. Once again, he’s selfish, but for mostly different reasons this season. I did enjoy his character more compared to season one however. I think his anger towards his father finally helped him grow enough to be himself, and not something he thought he had to be.

Allison’s whole story line throughout this season made me cry. The ’50’s and ’60’s was when the Civil Rights Movement was happening, followed by the Civil Rights Act in 1964. She faces discrimination that she’s never faced before, but because of her strong personality, she joins the fight, knowing that doing so will start to lead to a better future for the POC communities. Though we still need to keep fighting for POC rights today, she stands up and makes sure that her community is joining the fight then. Honestly, there wasn’t much about Allison during this season that I had a problem with. She’s just trying to be happy while getting the rights that she and her friends and family deserve.

Klaus and Ben, my favorite duo. Klaus continues to be his chaotic self throughout the whole season, though he’s grown in his power over the years while in the ’60’s. My heart hurts when it comes to Klaus, because all I want is for him to be okay, but all he can really do is hang on the edge of a cliff, the majority of himself swallowed in darkness. Ben is around way more in this season and I was so thrilled! He’s still battling with trying to make Klaus a better person, which brings out more heart to heart moments, while also including conflict between them.

Five is just… Five. He stays his clever, annoyed, smart-ass self throughout the season. Once again, he battles with getting everyone on board to saving the world and getting their shit together long enough to actually do some good. It goes about as well as a goose being nice.

Vanya has probably my favorite arch of the whole season. Spoiler: She doesn’t remember anything that she’d done in season one, let alone anything else for that matter other than her name. This makes for some great character development for her. She’s happy, smiling, so sweet and precious throughout this season and I am just so thrilled. When everyone is back together, she’s included and it just makes my heart so happy. I cried joyously for her throughout watching this season.

My favorite parts though, were when they were just being siblings. Spending time together, being themselves, not worrying about their father’s approval because they were finally becoming a true family. These disaster kids are some of my favorite characters, ever. I’ll probably be re-watching this show quite a bit and I doubt I’ll ever get bored. Plus, the memes I find on Pinterest are literally the best things and they give me life.


Well, I hope I didn’t spoil too much for anyone who hasn’t seen the season and decided to read through this post. Let me know what you love/dislike about the show! Who your favorite characters are! Anything you want to talk about, just leave a comment down below. Or, if you’d like, follow me on any of my socials. The links are at the top along with my Patreon.

Thank you for reading! Have a great day!

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