Some Of My Favorite YouTubers

I watch a lot of TV. It’s not a healthy thing, but I’m an introvert that prefers being home and enjoying other people’s shenanigans that don’t involve me having to leave my room. Recently, I was talking to my friend Bryanna about YouTubers and it’s what gave me the idea to give a short list of some of my favorites! I highly encourage giving them all a look at if you don’t already watch their content!


Alex Meyers

I’ve been watching Alex Meyer’s videos for about a year or so now I believe. I remember one of the first videos I watched of his was one of his Riverdale reviews. One of the things that caught my eye with his videos is that he overlays the review with his own cartoon drawings. And I absolutely love it. He’s made, I believe, three songs just to mock parts of Riverdale, including Archie’s abs, and the vibe he puts out is sarcastic warmth. Most of his reviews are on teen shows and movies, and it’s just one of the greatest channels I’ve come across.


Amanda the Jedi

I just recently in the last month of so started watching Amanda the Jedi, and I gotta say, she’s a fantastic person. She does a wide range of review videos, from movies, to books, to video games. One of the first videos of her’s that I watched was a movie review for Fifty Shades of Grey, and it was amazing! I love her energy, her opinions, and her overall hilarious atmosphere.


D’Angelo Wallace

I literally just started watching this young man the other day and I’ve got to say, he’s fantastic. His most recent videos, which are what caught my attention on my recommendation list, are about the fall of Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson, with the last video to tie it all up being about Tati Westbrook (that one has not been uploaded to YouTube yet). I watched the newest video first, about Shane Dawson, and let me tell you. The boy did his research, for better or worse for the viewer, and I applaud him for it. Also, his intro is “Hi, and welcome back to me, talking about whatever I want.” and I just really respect that attitude.


Dead Meat

The Dead Meat channel is hosted by James A Janisse, and wonderful human who loves watching and talking about horror movies with his fiance, Chelsea Rebecca. I’ve been watching Dead Meat since literally the first day it started. I was already a fan of James and Chelsea, along with many of their other friends, through another YouTube channel, Practical Folks. So when James announced he was going to do a horror movie review channel, I hopped right the fuck on board. This channel has shown me so many great movies I would have never known about and has honestly deepened my love for the horror genre to the point where I’m even reading spookier novels.


Dylan Is In Trouble

Another YouTuber who does a wide range of reviews and game play content. His re-watching of all four Twilight movies is the video that got me hooked onto his stuff. Ridiculously funny, a sweet boi, and just so awkward at times are just some of the reasons he’s a good one to look into. I would definitely recommend watching some of the reviews that are pretty cringy, such as his Bratz review and Princess Protection Program review.


Nuke’s Top 5

Another more recent channel I’ve come across, but I’ve already watched the majority of their videos… I’ve been super into watching spooky videos on YouTube lately, but this channel is the one I got sucked into. Though the commentator definitely reuses spooky footage throughout his videos, there are some truly creepy and sometimes just outright terrifying content on this channel. If you ever want to get spooked late at night, I advise checking this channel out.


The Try Guys

I thought I’d end this blog about The Try Guys because they’re just such a great and wholesome group of people, and I love them all so much. These videos are just an assortment of whatever these boys want to do and try, and I am here for it! For someone who wants to do new things, but doesn’t, (usually from lack of funds and a willingness to deal with people) I have always really enjoyed watching these four men be goofballs while learning new things. Some of my favorite videos on their channel are their Baking Without A Recipe content. So good, so funny, and watching them fuck up so badly is just the best source of entertainment.


Thank you for reading! I hope you liked my list of YouTubers! If you want to know more of what I watch, let me know down below in the comments! Or you can go follow me on Twitter and ask me there, the links to my socials and Patreon are at the top! If you want to keep up with my blog, you can subscribe down below.

Thank you again! Have a great day!

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