Fuck, Marry, Kill: YA Edition

So, I thought I’d do something fun with this blog, while also having you all get a chance to know me a bit better. So what better way of doing that than by playing Fuck, Marry, Kill with YA characters from novels I’ve loved or at the very least enjoyed at the time that I read them! I’ve picked five novels/series, and obviously picked three characters from each series to decide who I’d fuck, marry, or kill. This was a ton of fun to think about, some of them being much easier than others, so I hope you enjoy!


  • Bella
  • Edward
  • Jacob

I would fucking kill Bella. I do not care. At the time that I read these, I really didn’t mind her as a character, but as I got older and read better novels with strong female characters, I realized how awful she was. I’d fuck Edward, mostly because 1) apparently it’s amazing and 2) I don’t want to marry him. Which means I’d marry Jacob, which I’m completely okay with. I was a Jacob fan when I read the series, even though he is a bit of a whiny character, I still prefer him over Edward.


The Hunger Games:
  • Katniss
  • Peeta
  • Gale

I’d fuck Katniss, kill Gale, and marry Peeta. I hated Gale throughout the books, and although I like Katniss, I’d rather spend the rest of my days with a guy like Peeta. I’m already moody enough, I don’t think I could handle Katniss’ moodiness on top of my own. And Peeta, even though he’s kind of a love sick puppy type, is just a soft boi and I love that.


The Morganville Vampires:
  • Claire
  • Shane
  • Michael

I would marry Claire, because she’s just an awesome, bad-ass character who is also just wicked intelligent. I need someone smart in my life to keep from losing my mind. I’d fuck Shane because he’s the attractive bad boy, which means sadly, I’d kill Michael. It’d suck, but he’s the least likely to be mad about it I think. I didn’t include Eve, because I don’t want to marry, fuck, or kill her, I just think she’s fucking awesome!


Percy Jackson:
  • Percy
  • Annabeth
  • Grover

This one was somewhat harder than the rest, mostly because I like all these characters pretty equally. That said, I’d fuck Percy, because as much as I like him, I don’t think I’d want to marry him. I’d kill Grover (sorry), and I’d marry Annabeth because, kind of like Claire, she’s bad-ass and super intelligent.


The Infernal Devices:
  • Tessa
  • Will
  • Jem

This was THE MOST DIFFICULT out of all of the series I chose. I literally love all three of these characters so much, that this could go in any order and I’d be happy honestly. But! That is not how this game works, so here’s what I’d do: I would fuck Tessa, kill Will, and marry Jem. I would never, ever attempt to actually kill Will in real life though, because I’d be the one to end up dead, and I don’t want that.


Well, I hope that was as fun for you as it was for me! Sorry this is a shorter blog post today, and I will be publishing two more this week since I wasn’t able to get one out at the end of last week, so keep an eye out! You can do that by following me on my socials, especially Twitter, links to those and my Patreon are at the top!

Thank you for reading!

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