The New Chucky Is Just A Baby Terminator: Movie Review

So, I was not always big into horror movies, shows, or books. I had a bad experience that I may talk about in a YouTube video soon because it’s kind of embarrassing. And why not be embarrassing on YouTube right? I was probably about twenty-two when I started to really watch horror on the big screen, thanks to my best friends love of the genre. She finally pulled me in and I’ve been enjoying it ever sense.

Most of the movies I started with were newer, or at least made from the 90’s on. Except for Alien, because that’s the besties favorite. It wasn’t until James A. Janisse, the creator and host of Dead Meat kicked off his YouTube channel and began his horror reviews with Friday the 13th. This was the beginning of me diving into some of the older, but well known horror movies.

I started with Friday the 13th and eventually ended up watching the Child’s Play movies. Now, these movies do end up going a route that is both strange and completely out there, but I still enjoy them. So when I saw that they were making a reboot, I was definitely hesitant to watch it.

That was until it was available on Hulu and I needed to keep myself awake with something interesting enough to do so.

The first five minutes or so is the explanation behind how Chucky ends up being a murderous baby terminator. I instantly didn’t enjoy it just because I like the voodoo magic stuff from the original, because it was interesting! Though, at times, confusing and it didn’t always fit with the story line, but still! This reboot has Chucky made from a tech company called Kaslan. A disgruntled employee tampers with the doll, taking away all safety precautions within it’s computer system and then he commits suicide by jumping off the side of the building he works in. It’s an intense opener for the movie.

Then comes in Karen (Aubrey Plaza) who works at one of the Kaslan retail stores. One of the Buddi dolls is returned due to strange behavior, and through a blackmailing conversation with her boss, she’s able to take the doll home for her 13 year old son, Andy (Gabriel Bateman), who uses a hearing aid, but other than getting insulted from it and one scene towards the end, it doesn’t seem like a huge plot device.

Right off the bat, as soon as Andy starts up the doll, you see it having technical issues. Though Karen says she’ll return it, Andy decides to keep it so that his mom isn’t upset. Andy tries to name the doll Han Solo, but due to the malfunctioning doll, it names itself Chucky. Also not as fun of a reason for him to have that name, but I digress.

Andy and Chucky start to bond since Andy doesn’t have any friends at the moment, while other characters are introduced. There’s a detective, Mike, who visits his mother Doreen at least once a week for dinner. Shane, the asshole who’s dating Andy’s mom, Karen. And two kids around Andy’s age, Falyn and Pugg who become friends of Andy thanks to Chucky being ‘strange’.

Once all the characters are introduced and given a bit of character, is when Chucky decides to start going a bit crazy. He starts off by killing the cat because it scratched at Andy. It’s fucking awful, but I was glad they didn’t show much for this scene. Animal deaths just aren’t necessary to see in my opinion. Andy, not knowing what to do, puts the cat’s body in a box and throws it down the trash chute. And being that fact that he’s just a teen, he says nothing to his mom and doesn’t think much of it afterwards because he still wants Chucky around.

Things escalate with Chucky as he watches slasher movies with Andy and the other kids that he eventually befriends and is influenced by some of the more inappropriate kids around the neighborhood. They decide to use Chucky to scare Karen’s boyfriend Shane, which eventually leads Shane to be a dick towards Andy.

This is what officially kicks off the murderous rampage of Chucky, seeing his best friend Andy get pushed down and threatened by Shane. So Chucky follows Shane, ending up at his home where his wife and two daughters live. Yeah, this asshole is also and CHEATING asshole. This death was the most gory and the one I enjoyed the most because that bitch was a bitch. (I don’t think people deserve to die, but in a horror movie, assholes get what they deserve)

Chucky leaves Shane’s face, nailed down onto a small watermelon, in Andy’s room for him to see the next morning when he wakes up. This leads to Andy and his friends wrapping the watermelon face in wrapping paper in order to try and get the thing out of the apartment. Of course, Karen stops them and Andy lies to her, saying it’s a gift for Doreen. So they go to Doreen’s house to give it to her, and Andy just barely stops the woman from opening it up with another lie.

In order to get the watermelon face back, Andy has dinner with Doreen and Mike, the detective. He steals the head back, but before being able to do so, Chucky uses his cloud connection to spy on Andy and hear Doreen call him her best friend. This makes Chucky mad, mad enough that he ends up going after Doreen next and killing her in a mall parking lot later on in the movie. This death made me almost as upset as the cat’s because Doreen was an awesome character!

Before the dinner with Doreen and Mike, Andy pulls Chucky core out and tosses him down the trash chute. The buildings electrician and all around creep, Gabe, takes Chucky. He gets Chucky started again, and then is quickly killed by Chucky and a table saw. It was freaking gruesome, but the death is mostly off screen.

Chucky ends up with one of the more punk ass kids around that area, acting perfectly normal, though Andy figures it out that it’s actually Chucky. Chucky ends up revealing himself to Andy, but makes it look as if Andy is just going crazy. His new friends leave him and soon after is when Doreen is killed.

It’s also at this point Karen begins to notice Andy acting pretty crazy, and ends up leaving to return a phone Andy stole from the boy who now has Chucky. While she’s gone, Chucky causes more trauma to Andy and makes him look even crazier as Andy starts destroying all the electronics in the living room.

Karen takes Andy with her to work as the Buddi 2 is about to release, just as Mike, who’s investigating Shane and Gabe’s death, (and who is of course crushed by his mother’s death) is shown a picture of Shane’s face in the trash, the wrapping paper still around it. Mike recognizes it, and heads over to Karen’s work. When he gets there, he pins Andy to the ground and handcuffs him, just before all the crazy begins.

Chucky, before Mike shows up, takes this opportunity to just turn up the violence even more. He kills off Karen’s boss first, just before the man is supposed to appear in front of kids dressed in a Buddi costume. He ends up stumbling out into the crowd, removing the Buddi head and spraying blood all over a little girl. It was an interesting shot, very bloody.

Soon after Mike handcuffs Andy, Chucky takes over the electronics throughout the store, using the TV’s to make an evil speak. He’s connected himself to some drones, having taped razor blades onto the propellers and moving them through the crowd, slicing and killing people everywhere.

Figuring out that Andy didn’t actually do anything, Mike ends up saving the boy at one point and gets himself sliced up a bit afterwards. Buddi 2 dolls and these weird bear looking ones begin to activate and attack people throughout the store thanks to Chucky, causing more chaos. Chucky even starts locking the building down, which leads to metal doors slowly closing up the exits.

Andy’s friends, even the boy who made fun of him and had taken Chucky, come to help Andy, only Andy leaves them after making sure they’ve escaped because Chucky has captured Karen! Andy goes to save her, being led by a toy car through the store thanks to Chucky.

Andy ends up getting knocked out, falling for a rouse. Chucky has gone full blown psycho at this point, figuring that all he needs to do in order for him and Andy to be together is to open him up and fix him, the way the electrician he murdered fixed him. Andy distracts Chucky with the Buddi friendship song long enough to get Chucky off his chest. He’s able to save Karen, and with Chucky’s own knife, Andy stabs into the doll and watches as the baby terminator dies.

Or so he thinks! Chucky jumps out at him, giving the audience one last jump scare, but Mike saves the day, shooting Chucky down. Karen takes the last and final kill, ripping Chucky’s head from his body (the camera shots in these scenes were some of my favorite honestly). The kids finish Chucky off, smashing him to bits and than burning him in a barrel.

Kaslan, shockingly, doesn’t take any credit for the horrific happenings. All they do is take the Buddi toys out of stores and places them into warehouses. The last scene is one of those Buddi dolls eyes glowing red as he smiles.

Overall, I think I would give this movie about a 3.5 or 4 out of 5 stars. Though I missed the magic elements from the original, having the Buddi dolls be baby terminators was a more believable scenario in this day and age. If I ever have kids, they will never get a toy like this. And if they do, I’ll be watching it very carefully…

I hope you liked my review! Please go check out my socials and my Patreon, and go read my other blog posts if you enjoyed this one! I’d love to read any comments or thought you may have, so please feel free to write me!

Thank you again!

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