Love, Victor Made Me Cry

Disclaimer: This post has spoilers for the show Love, Victor, so if you haven’t watched it and it’s on your list, please watch it first! Or if you want to know if you’d like it, go ahead and read! Whatever you want to do.


I literally binged this in a night. I started it at about 6:30 and stayed up until 11:30 on a work night because I was so captivated by this show! It was so precious, had just the right amount of tension to cause me to freak out, and all the teenage awkwardness that causes me to bite my knuckles. Yes, that’s how I deal with teenage angst.

Love, Victor is a spin off show based off the movie Love, Simon. Victor has ended up at the same school Simon went to, where he found his now boyfriend through a series of secret texts and ends up kissing his now bf on the top of ferris wheel in front of his classmates. It’s cute and just so so precious. Have I mentioned how precious this all is? Because it is.

Victor, hearing this story about Simon, reaches out to him, expressing his own insecurities in his sexuality. He’s fairly certain he likes guys, but he doesn’t truly know. How can he when he’s too nice to even tell two complete strangers, Mia and Lake, that he’s not really into girls? And then, of course, he starts dating one. Because that’s what teen dramas do! They present conflict and makes us watchers die a little inside, though not necessarily in a bad way.

On top of already being tangled into Mia and Lake’s life, mostly because they find him super adorable, Victor starts making a new friend with a boy at his apartment complex, Felix. Felix is strange, goofy, all around good guy who’s kind of a loner due to other’s, such as Andrew a basketball jock, teasing him throughout their lives.

And last, but definitely not least, there’s Benji. Although it’s clear from the start Victor has a big ol’ crush on this boy, he still decides it’s a great idea to get tangled up in Mia by becoming her boyfriend. Now, I don’t blame Victor for that decision, all he’s hoping for is to be “normal” by straight society standards. BUT he still fucked up because he just eventually hurts her so badly by continuously pushing off his own needs for others needs. He even gets a job where Benji works and they end up going on a work trip alone at one point, which just makes everything more complicated for Victor later on.

It’s clear within his family dynamic as well. He’s the one that keeps his parents and two younger siblings from completely falling apart. While dealing with the struggles of trying to be what Mia wants and needs, causing him to push himself down more, him and his sister, Pilar, end up finding out that his mother cheated on their father. And then the father beat up the guy. That tension eats at Victor, and he pushes more and more to bring his family together while slowly becoming more and more outspoken.

There’s a scene in episode five where Victor decides, so that his parents are happy, to have a birthday party for his sweet sixteen. Only problem is, Lake decides to ask Benji to come and Benji asks to bring his boyfriend. Victor, knowing his grandparents will be there and how conservative they are, but being too nice to say no, agrees. This of course results with his grandfather and father telling Victor to tell Benji and his bf to leave after the grandfather sees them kiss.

At first, it seems that Victor is going to do exactly what they’ve asked, but instead he tells his family that what they have isn’t wrong, that they’re his friends and none of them have any say in what they do with their lives. It’s a powerful first step towards Victor becoming more and more brave as the rest of the season goes on.

The second half of the season is full of character development, which is honestly one of my most favorite parts of teen shows like this.

Lake and Felix have been hooking up and getting to know one another, and though it’s bumpy, they figure out how to make each other happy and it’s just so freaking cute seeing Felix love her so much.

Mia and Victor have a moment where she wants to take things to the next step and of course Victor doesn’t want that because of his feelings for Benji. In one episode, Victor even lies to his family and friends just to spend a weekend up in NYC to see Simon. That episode is probably one of my favorites because it shows Victor that there isn’t a single way to be who you are, you just have to be who you are to be happy.

Even Andrew has some development, though it isn’t as detailed as the other four characters. But it is one of the best developments in my opinion. He starts to realize, through a conversation with both Mia and then with Felix, how awful he can be, and he starts to show changes. He’s nicer to Felix, though not in the most direct way, but it’s enough for Felix to maybe not dislike him as much as before. And with Mia, he stops treating her as poorly when he realizes sometimes she just needs a friend. IT’S JUST SO GOOD.

The very last episode, is where all hell breaks loose of course. It’s the day of the Spring Fling and Victor just wants Mia to have one awesome night before he tells her he’s gay. Mia’s home life has been rocky with her dad, so Victor’s held off on telling her out of, of course, his damn kind heart. Only problem is, Victor at one point kissed Benji, and of course Pilar finds out but thinks Victor kissed a girl.

Pilar confronts Felix about it, and Felix gives her enough information to ask Benji if Victor’s been with a girl that they work with since Victor kissed someone else on a work trip… Benji’s bf figures out that someone happened between him and Victor, and Victor ends up telling the bf how amazing Benji is and why the bf shouldn’t leave him.

And then this is where things really just get so dramatic and I was crying over all of it.

Benji finds Victor afterwards, tells him he just broke up with the bf and then explains to him how he feels about Victor. HAPPY DANCE! But then they kiss, and guess who freaking finds them! Mia. Already dealing with so much, Mia leaves the dance with Andrew, and when Victor tries to talk to her, she walks away. Totally understandable, of course, I would have been an angry teen girl at that point too if that had happened to me. As an adult though, who just wants to take all the broken people into her arms and give them a good hug, I was so mad at Mia for just leaving without hearing Victor out.

Pilar tries to talk to Victor, but he convinces her to go home instead, where he’ll talk about everything there. When they arrive home, instead of telling his family, his parents tell the two of them that they’re going to separate for the time being. Victor starts to walk away, telling them that he had nothing to share, but at the last second that precious boy tells his family “No. Not nothing. Mom… Dad… I’m gay.”


Alright, I may have gotten quite invested emotionally into these characters, but if you watch the show and DON’T, I will definitely not understand. Sorry.


That’s my brief rundown of Love, Victor, my newest obsession because I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I watched all ten episodes in one night. I hope you liked reading my thoughts and summary of the show, and again, I highly recommend watching it. It’s on Hulu, not on the TV demand thing either, so it’s available to everyone. And if you do watch it, please let me know what you thought! You can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. All that info is at the top, and if you want more blog content, please subscribe!

Victor and Benji being cute!

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